Pillow Options in Goose Down
Posted by downandfeather, 04/14/2018 9:37 am

Goose down is soft, warm, and fluffy. It is also durable and available in a variety of quality levels. Duck down is not as durable or soft, and can present odor issues. Hungarian white goose is believed to be the lightest, softest, and most comfortable down available. It is the only product found in the down pillows offered by a company that has made down and real feather pillows since 1983 in America.

Fill Power

The quality of down is measured in fill power. It refers to the space one ounce of down will take up in cubic inches. The size of clusters range from that of a dime to that of a quarter. The higher the fill power, the softer and warmer the final product. A complete explanation of fill power is available online so go to DownAndFeatherCompany.com for more information.

The Quality Rest line features six-hundred and fifty fill power in Egyptian cotton. This is the basic quality level available. Natural Nights has a higher fill power at seven-hundred and fifty. This is considered excellent quality.

The Snuggle Soft line contains eight-hundred and fifty fill power and is the top of the line in luxury. This line of pillows will last the longest and feel the softest among all available products. It is important to realize that the durability of the pillows depends on avoiding contact with excess moisture and oils.


Pillows are offered in four density options. There is soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm. The company recommends a medium density for people who sleep on their backs. Stomach sleepers will be most comfortable with a soft pillow. People who sleep on their sides will want to try a medium or firm density. For other selection assistance information, visit https://www.downandfeathercompany.com/.

Care and Maintenance

Placing a down pillow in a washing machine will result in the need for a new pillow. Since down is an investment, people should not even go to bed with wet hair. The first thing to do when the down pillow arrives is to put a pillow protector on it. That can be taken off and washed regularly. If a down pillow does need to be cleaned, find an experienced dry cleaner to treat it.

Oils are not as damaging as water, but will ruin the pillow over time. It is an excellent idea to refrain from wearing heavy creams or oils on the face just before going to bed. Pillows will last a decade or more if cared for properly. They do come with a ten-year guarantee against defects in workmanship.

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